The USA is a federal republic in North America, and the country where the movie is mainly set around. Many of the disasters happen here.

Los Angeles Edit

Los Angeles gets five different tornadoes from the weather changes. A weather specialist named Janice locates the tornadoes and the tornadoes go over 5 pointers. The Hollywood sign is destroyed as well as many buildings. Many people are killed and a reporter named Tommy is hit by the Angelique sign as well as Jeff in his car getting crushed by a truck and Janice and his girlfriend although not seen are sucked into a tornado after the room they're in gets torn off. A janitor goes into the room that Janice was in and finds nothing left of it.It is later frozen and uninhabitable like most other American cities.

New York Edit

Sam goes to New York as part of research team with some classmates he also answers some questions and earns his team some points he later goes to the dance. New York gets flooded and becomes uninhabitable like most American cities. Sam hall comes here to do some study and gets trapped in the library with a few friends and some others. Later a rogue Russian cargo ship lands here.Jack hall then travels all the way from Mexico City to New York to get his son Sam and whoever else he can find. After finding and rescuing his son it is seen at the end of the movie that other people have survived so President Raymond Becker begins airlifting survivors out of there.

Washington, DC Edit

Washingto, DCn is the home of Jack hall. Major weather occurs here this is also where he conducts his research.It gets frozen and becomes uninhabitable like most other American cities. After Jack along with most of President Blake's cabinet evacuate to Mexico Blake the rest of his cabinet including the chairmen of the joint chief of staff attempt to fly to Mexico City but their motor freezes and they crash.

Philadelphia Edit

Philadelphia is the home of Lucy hall and Sam hall. Lucy worked in the hospital here and didn't leave until an ambulance arrived for a boy with cancer named Peter. An ambulance eventually arrived and they evacuated to Mexico City. Jack Hall and his team crash their car into a truck just north from Philadelphia It is later frozen and becomes uninhabitable like most other American cities.

Austin Edit

Austin is one of the areas in Texas that does not get flooded due to being further south. It becomes a safe haven for survivors and refugees

Dallas Edit

Dallas is one of the American cities to get flooded and when the storm hits it becomes buried under many layers of snow.

Miami Edit

Miami Dosen't get flooded and is the only major city that doesn't become uninhabitable in the USA. It is one of the areas that becomes a safe haven for survivors and refugees. Lucy hall also went here on a holiday with her Parents.